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Not a mining project, but fun

old gold miner

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Not in a mood to party very hard until SB 670 is overturned, set aside or repealed.

But, party is on, once that happens.

LOL, sent the boys over around Elk City Idaho, to test some placer ground.

Was going to go myself, but snafu & doctors prevented that.

Looks like I am up for a bypass operation, soon.

Trying to quit smoking for about the 6th time.

Hard to do after 45 years of a bad habit.

From what I hear from the boys, they are ankle deep in snow & freezing tails off.

(guess, I need to stop calling them "boys", since either can whip my tail now & have families of their own)

What doesn't kill you, makes you tougher.

(at least thats what I tell the boys)

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SB670 will be defeated. Jerry from PLP is really convinced there will be a full season next year. Does not do much good for spots that are year round for right now,mad0229%5B1%5D.gif but what the hay.

Docs did a triple bypass on me 11 years ago. Tough operation, but I have had an extra 11 years and really appreciate each and every one of them! Modern medicine a good thing. We can drink some of Hoser's spirits to celebrateconfused0085%5B1%5D.gif when the party happens! And it will!

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:thumbsupanim mY SON WAS THE LIGHT AND SOUND MAN FOR A HUGE LOCAL CLUB(NOW BANKRUPT--NO SURPRISE)oops--anyhow he got gallons & gallons of FREE booze and very expensive stuff also of all kinds--so if--when--or ever-- :twocents: John :angry-smiley-010[1]: don't hold your breath--we have toooo few miners now and we need'm all :olddude:
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