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Everyone should get involved

Allen in MT

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As most of you know the Govenor of Calif. Signed into law Senate Bill 670 that stopped suction dredging.

The New 49ers Legal Fund has created a raffle to raise money to help fight to overcome SB 670.

You can see the prizes and help the cause at this site, then go to 49er prize blowout and then view prizes.


There are several thousands of dollars in this Raffle.

Support the cause, because we could be next on the list.

Allen in MT


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They are teh ones that caused this mess, Why would you want to supoort them. They have already abandoned Happy Camp and are going to attack the Rogue River In Oregon next. Let Dave's members take care of themselves, as they only care about themselves, not the rest of the State. If you want to really help, support the PLP. They are the only group (Non profit too boot) actively going against the state with an already filed lawsuit!

They also have drawings, most of which have some of my jewelry donated too.

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Hi Steve:

I support all groups that will fight the Gov. Reguardless of what the group did, the law still affects everyone in the dredging arena and I'm not a dredger. It's the trickle down effects that get me. What happens in CA if not stopped will happen in WA, MT, OR and other places. I do what I can to support the PLP in there legal fights and anyone else that needs it.

Yes it would be nice to see all those that have an interest in this to get their resources together as ONE. I think there would be a better fighting chance than everybody doing their own thing.

Outlawing dredging is just the 1st step of whats to come

have a good day

Allen in MT

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