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The University of Wisconsin site has a bunch of cool stuff if you use their search function and go through the pages. It's not like a regular search engine where all the cool stuff is on the first page, each page I go to has more usefull/interesting articles.

I happened to be researching gossan at the moment and stumbled upon this university article. I used their search funcion and found that they have alot of good articles. Check it out and post any cool prospecting articles you find here in this thread for others.


Check out this link that has a bunch of info on gold.


Had to throw this in there too, they have the entire Bureau of Mines / Minerals yearbook metals and minerals 1981. I'm tired and my eyes hurt so I can't figure out how to blow it up but I will.

Edit: they have it for 70,76,91 and 43... in other words all of them. ahhhh over load :grr01:

This is the one that I liked on gossan. If you have Quicktime (I downloaded it) the 360 deg views are very cool.


Here is one on the chemical process of Agua Regia


Wowsers here's a cool on on a mine in Australia. Cool 360 deg views with explanations and even some close ups of the minerals.


Crap another cool one.. I may never be able to walk away ..


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Ok the links work now. Not sure what happened in the copy paste but it seems fixed.

PM sent about SWG.

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