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Whites Electronics Factory Tour

frank c

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My trip to Oregon to pick up a 5th wheel travel trailer and visit some friends turned into a tour of the Whites compound in Sweet Home OR.

Our friends took us on a 2 day motor tour of the state and we stopped at Whites what a REALLY GREAT bunch of folks there.

I introduced myself at the front receptionists office and before I turned around to start to look thru the museum I was introduced to TODD who was a 20+ year employee and offered a complete tour of the plant from top to bottom, Well I started DROOLING in the shipping dept. which was where the tour started and kept wiping my lips all the way. I was able to see every aspect of manufacturing the products and had all the latest high tech machinery explaned to me.

We were given the utmost hospitality while visiting and honestly enjoyed every moment spent there.

I'm posting some pics I took in the museum of some really great finds including cannons, solid silver cross, and more than I can discribe it was a fantastic opportunity.

I hope you enjoy a few of the pics I took.













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Thanks Frank for the update on Whites collection! Good Pics!

I was a Whites dealer for years and used to make it a point to go by when I was in oregon.

There is also some great rockhounding areas near by, petrified wood including whole logs and Ellensbug Blue agate, havent been there in years , may all be closed.

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Aloha Frank,

I always knew tht the guys at Whites were topnotch but now it just confirms my thoughts about them.


Stan aka Kaimi

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