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Sluice with uneven bottom


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:*&$*(: Man i've been trying for over 20 minutes with many MANY tries??? old dog gotta learn some new tricks with new forum?? Anyhow--to be absolutely straight up--108 degree temp for 32 weeks from hep c treatments laid waste to some of my memory exactness-but over 2 1/2--3 1/4 lb I think?? :olddude::arrowheadsmiley: sex kills when it comes to hep c 2b--thanx Steve--just a month to go till the meetings--see ya there??John :twocents:

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Just got my hands on what must be an older le trap its black in color, havent had a chance to put it to use yet but I'm looking foward to it. From the studying I've done it should be just great for what I intend to use it for running my cons from the drywasher thru after I've built up enough of them to run.

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Works good on flour gold due to negative pressure riffle system--but the answer to ALL flour gold recovery(no matter what piece of equipment you use) is classification everytime-tons a au 2 u 2 -John :thumbsupanim

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Hi all,

I was looking at Hoser's post with all the gold, and thought I recalled seeing a product recently, that was similar to Hosers,

but with kind a pinch spot that would slow the incoming water a little, in order for the heavy gold to fall out, then passing the pinch spot, the water would accelerate again. At least i think that is the idea. I think that is what happens in rivers and creeks with deep pinch spots, the gold drops out, and that is why some dredgers have done so well in such spots... I would be this is where the designer got his idea.

It is Number 9 in the sluice selection: http://www.angusmackirk.com/product_pages/sluices.html

These sluices have an odd kind of a double riffle in one design. I haven't taken time to look at everything, but it did look interesting.


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