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Simple bucket classifier


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I use buckets for electricians staples because they are extra heavy duty and because they are 3 gallons, which is all the material my back wants to carry -and I know from experience that if I have a bigger bucket I'll fill it... I was worried about how the grill would hold up; but it has lasted longer than the bucket...

It took about an hour to make with the following steps:

1) cut out the bottom of the bucket, leaving 3/8-1/2 inch of the bottom.

2) cut a circle of hardware cloth with the hole size you want the size of the outside of the bottom of your bucket.

3)bend over the ends of each wire around the circumference of the wire circle to 90 degrees, reducing the diameter so it will just fit inside the bucket.

4) Drop the wire in the bucket, with the bent over wire ends facing down. Mark all the contact points on the bucket, being careful not to move the wire as you do it. I marked the clockwise side of each wire.

5) Drill all the spots you marked.

6) put the wire back in so the wire ends drop through the holes (I had to re-drill a few)

7) bend over the wires and you're done.

In use, I fill the bottom bucket half way with water, drop the wire bottomed bucket in, and shovel material in. when the bucket's full, I twist and raise and lower the top bucket until the smaller pieces have dropped through the screen. It goes pretty quick since it's all happening under water. Then I repeat until the bottom bucket has as much material as I want to carry to the sluice...



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