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Weekend SoCal trip


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I'm looking to head out to the desert for a few days. I'm leaving San Diego Tommorrow around noonish. I've got room in my rig for one. I run pretty no-frills, Silverado 4x4,PI machine, bedroll, water and good boots. I'm game to link up with another party, and flexible on locations. I've scouted the desert pretty hard this summer, and ready to take advantage of the cooler weather.

Drop me a line if your game.



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Nice!!!! im in norcal an will be heading to a GPAA claim in socal On new years maybe thanksgiving. I already used up all my vacation time so i cant take any time off. However i can go on days off like thanksgiving and new years. I have to spend Christmas with the soon to be wife lol. If you ever want to come to Norcal let me know.

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Hey Jerry, Good luck out in the Chucks, I have not had any luck out there detecting but did alright with a drywasher once way back. I met a guy who detected with a Goldbug and he did pretty well finding crumbs 8 grains and smaller. It is known for rich placers but not where people usually go (GPAA claims). BTW cell phones usually work if you go up to the top of the peaks/hills if you are in eyesight of the 10 FWY.


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