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Hello all. I may as well toss out another post while I'm at it. Sometime down the road I would like to take a trip to Australia and try out the GPX units I've been hearing so much about from other detectorists and reading in forums.

Do any of you know of a good person or company that can contact in setting up a trip for Australia with nugget hunting? Any region of the country that you recommend as most promising for good climate and nuggets? Also, do you get to KEEP what you find or have to leave it in country of origin. Any internet link, or books that would help with research would be appreciated folks.

Thanks and best wishes.


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goldprospectingaustralia.com.au is the only company I have any info on...I have recieved some positive feeedback about the operation which was once owned by Doug Stone...sold to Coiltec and now owned by Mark. It is possible to go it alone but these tours take all the work and worry out of the trip...assuming the tour guide is giving good value for the money. No matter which guide or company one chooses there is risk...buyer beware is always wise.

Fred mason

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I would as remember, that the seasons down under are reversed of what they are here, winter here is summer down under, our fall is here now, so its going to start getting hot there. Grubstake

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