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Beth, I for one will miss Sonnys posts.He knew how to stir the pot with alot of humor. He will be with all prospectors forever.God Blass.


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Guest bedrock bob

Wow, what sad news. I have been away for several weeks in the woods and have rarely checked in here to see what is happening. Sonny was a great guy and a shrewd thinker. I will miss his posts and P.M.'s very much. My condolences Beth. Tonight when I stand on the hill I will scatter some tobacco thinking of Sonny. I wish we could haver met in person and shared a campfire or two.

At the risk of being crude, I would like to offer a little poem. Sonny seemed to enjoy my sense of humor and I hope that these words are approppriate and dont ruffle too many feathers. if they do ruffle some feathers then I know Sonny will send me a P.M. and laugh at the situation...

Grows the grass from out of the ground,

merrily it grows.

The grass is eaten by a sheep and thus the cycle goes.

The sheep is eaten by a man,

the man lays down and dies.

They drop his carcass in the ground and everybody cries.

His carcass rots away, away, and nourished the grass.

The grass is eaten by a sheep and thus it comes to pass,

that sheep eventually excrete Tom and Jack and Jill.

So never kick the dung of sheep, it might be Uncle Bill.

Sonny, you will be missed! God bless you man!

Bedrock Bob

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