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I received this e-mail when I logged on tonight, you just never know when its your time!


<H1 id=message_view_subject>Sonny</H1>Monday, September 28, 2009 11:21 AMFrom: This sender is DomainKeys verified "BETH ZENGER" <sonnyandbeth@gmail.com>View contact details To: (Edited)My name is beth and I am Sonny's wife. I hope I have everyone here that he was friends with. I just wanted to say that Sonny died of a heart attack Saturday afternoon. I know he had some friends on a prospecting site and the names on this email, was in a contact list named Nuggetshooter? I just wanted to let you know and thank you for being his friends.


Hope this finds all well, from Sonny and Beth. Full time RVers.

"not all who wander, are lost"

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Beth, sorry about your loss and ours, we hate to lose fellow nuggethunters, He will be missed, as far as heart attacks, I know all about them as I've had many and I'm having heart surgery on Wensday the 30th myself. Again Were very sorry to have lost a member of our prospecting family. Sincerly Grubstake

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If this was "sonnysnewlife" she is referring to I am flabbergasted.

Here I am not having met him in person , sensing an believing he was a guy packed full of vim , vigor, an vinegar to say the least. And thinking I'd get to meet him one day soon.

My condolences to you and the family.

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Max - is this the guy who's screen name was: sonnysnewlife ?



Yes it was him, Sonny always had a view of life and times that some of us fail to acheive, contraversal at times but always insiteful after you had mulled it over for a while.

I had just exchanged e-mails with sonny a few days ago and we where planing a trip to his secret wonderful canyon as soon as it cooled off some.

As I told Beth last night words are totaly inadequate, some of sonnys last posts; http://www.nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/index...showtopic=16331


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Dang! He sent me a msg on friday or saturday.

I'm going to miss him and his flames of sort.


Sorry to hear this Beth.

Again, Nothing Words Said can help this one.

God Bless.


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My condolences to Beth for her personal loss and to all of Sonny's friends and acquaintances.

And to Grubby, best wishes for a successful surgery and quick recovery. They'll have you up and walking in no time.

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I for one am going to miss his posts. He sure knew how to get a rise out of everyone for sure.

My prayers go out to his wife and family. God speed sonny!

Aloha, Stan aka Kaimi

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My sincere condolences to Sonny's family.

Sonny's passing is a shocker for all of us

and reminds us again how tenuous our hold on this life is

and how patience with others is more important than winning...at anything.

People had their go 'rounds with Sonny and I liked that he was interested in hearing

other views even if ultimately he didn't agree. He made room for other views.

It is mystifying and sobering when one so young leaves this life.

Rest in peace Sonny.


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Bloody hell, you take a break and the first time you return, it sucks. It's really hard to respond to this one. It seems to be a reoccuring thing in the last couple of months, on my side, I won't get in to details.

Sonny, you fired this place up. You showed what freedom of speech is and I guarantee you're having a full on battle with St. Peter at the moment. You truly will be missed.

And Beth, Kat and I would like to pass on our condolences to you and your family.

I just checked a PM that Sonny sent me for my birthday. What a guy, you will be missed

Australians are a funny lot, you’ll often hear one curse,

How things have started badly, and they’ll probably get worse,

The weathers dry, the sun’s so hot it’s stolen all the water,

The Government has never done the things we think they oughta’.

But if we hear a tourist say his home is much more grand,

They had better be prepared to make a very solid stand.

For although we Aussies may complain at what’s become our lot,

When someone knocks this country, we defend with all we’ve got.

We may criticize some teenage brat, may even wish them failure,

But we stand behind them cheering when they’re playing for Australia.

Because, if this is home to you, the country of your birth,

Then you back the native player to beat anyone on Earth.

When the cricket bats are swinging or when someone scores a try,

When a home grown horse has won the cup and made the owner cry,

When some paralympic athlete hits the front and sets the pace,

You’ll hear “Aussie Aussie Aussie” as the crowd goes off their face.

And although we like to take a break in overseas locations,

If you take the time to question this nomadic population,

They will tell you without blinking that wherever they may roam,

The best part of the journey was the last bit, ….coming home.

For the sun was never brighter on the beach at Waikiki,

Than it is on all the sandy shores Australia has to see,

The water never purer nor the air as fresh and clear,

The people never friendlier than those that we have here.

If you venture to the outback where grass is scarce as snow,

As you swelter you may wonder what it was that made you go,

But just look at the locals who have lived there since their birth,

And I know you will not find a better class of folk on earth.

All across this wide brown country from the Cape to Hobart town,

There are people who will help you when you find the chips are down,

And if someone should abuse you, and does it just because,

Then that person’s not Australian, and that person never was.

So when you feel disgruntled just remember this rendition,

And never blame the country for the acts of politicians,

Look up and count your blessings when you see our flag unfurled,

And be grateful that you live in the best country in the world.

I found this poem the other day.


Both Rush and Glenn are right.


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Beth... Thank you for sending me an e-mail about Sonny... He was a true friend

and kind to all. I related to him as he was about the same age of our (late) two

boys. I always enjoyed his view points... and especally several personal messages

he sent me... He will be Truly Missed...

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