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Lucky Lundy/ Gp Extreme sale


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Hey Lucky Lundy today I sold my GP Extreme to your brothers friend. A couple of really nice guys unless you meet them at work on the other side of the street and then you would be hating life. Had a good talk since I am retired from Parole. Didn't know you were stationed a Castle til it closed. We might have been neighbors since I live in the neighborhood. Well it is time for you to take Tom out and try to pay for his detector. If you need help Grubstake and I can come and help train him :innocent0002: . Good luck Jerry

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He is very happy and going to be even happier when he pulls that first nugget out with it. I just got back from the high country and checking up on the news from a long weekend. I don't know if he is planning on picking it up from you or the mailman? If he does pickup from you and you have sometime to spend, please take him out for a test run. He is new and green as they come, but loves the outdoors.

Thanks in Advance,


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