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Holbrook hunt 25th to 28th Sept.

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Hi all,

Well I'm back from Holbrook. I got there Friday afternoon, hunted for 2 1/2 hours then went to bed. Got up early and hunted for 10 hours..... I was skunked..... :ROFL:

I was so sore walking in the soft sandy soil that my hips and lower legs were pretty sore. Walking 3 miles a day on the airstrip here at home didn't help a bit...... well maybe :laught16:

I left and drove home early Sunday morning :coffeetime:

I called and talked with Ruben, he told me he was skunked his first 5 trips to Holbrook. Professor Jim Kriegh got him straight on hunting Holbrook. We had a good talk. I'm sure I'll do better next time. Maybe next month I'll head back for a 2 day trip. :grrr01:

best wishes, jim "bones" :outtahere:

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That freaking skunk needs a swift kick in the arse! You just can't beat a trip out to hunt for meteorites even though we get skunked from time to time. The sand in Holbrook sure does make for some tough hunting. I remember telling Ben and Erik I was more worn out then when I hunt the rough terrain and steep mountains here!! Gets ya right down to the Bones.

Good hunting to ya!


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Hi Dean, yep, I was sure surprised to feel my leg's being so sore. :tisc-tisc: I'm used to heavy loads on my back and humping the hill's, etc. Even thow, I'm approaching the old fart stage of life, I still have it in me, the good Lord willing and all. :innocent0002:

I'll give it a good go next month. I think I'll head to the Wilcox dry lake bed this weekend and give it a shot out there. :Huh_anim]:

best wishes, jim "bones" :coffeetime: :outtahere:

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Hi Jim,

Sorry to hear the skunk followed you. Holbrook is no different than Franconia or Gold Basin in the sense that very few people make finds on their very first hunt there. It's a lot of walking, with or without finds. Better luck next trip.


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