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one reason to carry in Alaska

Guest goldstudmuffin

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Guest goldstudmuffin

This guy lives just outside of Soldotna.


Have I got a story for you guys!

King season is over, and since I had a day off before silvers start, I

Thought I would go for a walk! This occurred at 11:16 am this morning

(Sunday), just 2/10 of a mile from my house, ON OUR ROAD while walking

My dogs (trying to get in shape for hunting season, ironically!) for the

Record, this is in a residential area-not back in the woods, no

Bow hunting, no stealth occurring...

I heard a twig snap, and looked back...full on charge-a huge brownie,

Ears back, head low and motorin' full speed! Came with zero warning; no

Woof, no popping of the teeth, no standing up, nothing like what you

Think or see on TV! It charged from less than 20 yards and was on me in

About one-second! Totally surreal-I just started shooting in the general

Direction, and praise God that my second shot (or was it my third?)

Rolled him at 5 feet and he skidded to a stop 10 feet BEYOND where I was

Shooting from-I actually sidestepped him and fell over backwards on the

Last shot, and his momentum carried him to a stop past where I fired my

First shot!

It was a prehistoric old boar-no teeth, no fat-weighed between 900-1000

Lbs and took five men to DRAG it onto a tilt-bed trailer! Big bear-its

Paw measured out at about a 9 1/2 footer!

Never-ever-thought "it" would happen to me! It’s always some other smuck, Right?

Well, no bull- I am still high on adrenaline, with my gut in a Knot.

Feels like I did 10000 crunches without stopping! Almost puked for

An hour after, had the burps and couldn't even stand up as the troopers

Conducted their investigation! Totally wiped me out-cant even put that

Feeling into words, by far the most emotion I have ever felt at once!

No doubt that God was with me, as I brought my Ruger .454 Casull (and

Some "hot" 350 grain solids) just for the heck of it, and managed to

Draw and snap shoot (pointed, never even aimed!) from the hip! Total

Luck shot!

All I can say is Praise God for my safety and for choosing to leave the

Wife and kids at home on this walk! Got a charter tomorrow, so gonna TRY

To get some sleep now!

Talk to ya soon, -Greg






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All I can say is GOOD SHOOTIN'. He might not have any teeth, but he sure had a set of claws on him. I think I'd like to make a rug out of that out just for posterity. Just goes to show you always need to keep your wits when something out of the ordinary happens.

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Greg that is a great story with great pictures. Makes us realize even more that we need to argue in courts and congress for our constitutional firearm rights. I bet you had to change your "chonies" two or three times after that confrontation, not to consider your blood pressure..........great shooting. Jerry

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Good shooting Greg. Glad you carried a gun that day. I've been thinking about getting one myself (I live in mountain lion country part-time) but am now convinced. To get one. Thanks for sharing your story.


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Greg, :WOW: awesome story!

I knew there was a good reason why I don't live near Soldatna. This town needs a new sheriff, what do ya say? :wubu:

After that incident, I don't think I could sleep for days!

Good to hear your okay though.

Thanks' for sharing,


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Greg, thank God you're OK! I don't know how you feel exactly, but I can aproximate as I felt the same way - with the same type of reactions (including the heaves) after my first firefight in the service way back when. God loves you buddy, and you still have things to do and miles to go! The hairs on the back of my head are still standing up looking at your pics - What a story! - Terry

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Yeah, that would have left my rectum in a knot too. Be glad you are allowed the freedom to carry up there. Just before the fires down here in La Canada my dog and I went for a walk up the mountain to where the road ends. I was informed by an excited resident that a mountain lion had been napping in the roadway just 5 minutes prior to us getting to that particular curve. Now that the fires have wiped out so much habitat, the lions, bears and coyotes have crowded down right to the edges of where people live. But we ARE NOT allowed to carry despite the obvious dangers. I am real glad you are okay.

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Greg, glad you made it through you’re ordeal from an attack by an “old bare-bones, hungry, big- clawed and toothless bear”…..funny that your scenario should remind me of the “suicide by cop” situations that have happened in our country.

Dang those feet have traveled over more territory than I can imagine and ate more carrion, berries and fish in a lifetime…..I venture to think on its last leg, everything is fair game! I’d love to be able to “read the chronicles of its life” in the woods …..yet the darn thing may have chosen its victim well in its old age and knew you’d make it right!

Glad you had the “piece” on hand and the where-withal to use it as you did, and I do hope that skin ends up as a “rug” in your favorite room…..that old boy was begging for a hanging and you made it happen, such is spirit and repore!


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Thank you very much for the story and the pix too. I always carry and love the enviros who carry pepper spray so the bear has fresh condiments. Had some close calls but NEVER NOTHING EVEN CLOSE to your experience. By the by--were you ever able to clean your shorts or just threw them away? :icon_mrgreen: tons a au 2 u 2-John

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All I can say is GOOD SHOOTIN'. He might not have any teeth, but he sure had a set of claws on him. I think I'd like to make a rug out of that out just for posterity. Just goes to show you always need to keep your wits when something out of the ordinary happens.

i was trying to make a funny. Glad to see it went your way. looks like God was watching out for you. You must have something you still need to accomplish.

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Hey Greg,

I spent the summer of 1985 outside of Nome on the GPAA trip and religiously carried a .44 mag because we were definately in bear country. On the way back to Arizona, I took a side flight to visit friends in Kenai. Being a dumb desert rat, I didn't carry the magnum figuring that I left the bear danger back in Nome. Boy did I get an earful later! You're very lucky you were able to get those shots off in such a short time/distance situation. Your adrenaline provided the cat-like reflexes, and maybe a guardian angel, too. We're glad you didn't end up lower on the food chain! Hope the rest of your trip is relaxing.

Good Hunting, Ben

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Praise God is RIGHT!! That bear could have easily killed you with those gargantuan claws, if not at least seriously maim you. Glad that the only bad thing that happened to you was to shoot up your adrenalin to record heights.

Awesome story! Thanks for sharing it.


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Guest goldstudmuffin

Hi All,

While detecting in some bear country in Montana last summer John B or Mike joking told Kevin I smeared spam on his tent! :laught16: I don't think Kevin slept a wink that night. Well we started talking about what we would do if we were attacked by an angry bear. I wasn't worried I had my .44 mag loaded with "Bear-B-Gone" handloads! John says he has a .357 so I told him I hope he filed off the front sight. Now John B's mind was reeling, wondering what I meant by that comment. So John asked why he should file down the front sight. There was dead -Silence- I said so it won't get hung up on anything.... Then finally I said Well, John, it won't hurt so much after you empty that .357 into Grizzly and all you do is piss him off and he takes it away and shoves it up your arse! :Huh_anim]:

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