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post-3800-1252331100_thumb.jpgI guess its not the gold that really matters. Last weekend my Grandson Robby and I were invited to hunt with a couple of real nugget shooters. On Friday Lucky and I headed to one of his patches where He and Jeff pulled out 23 a couple weeks back. I was hoping that they left at least one, and sure enough they did, and Lucky found it. It was still a great day and I got to use the 4500. On Sat. Lucky had plans and Jeff was kind enough to baby sit. We went to another patch where they pulled nuggets out before. About noon Jeff found 2 in dozer scrape. He really wanted Robby and me to find one, so he gave us the patch. And you guessed it ( no gold ). By the end of the day I hit a target 20" deep and Jeff wore himself out helping me dig it . It turned out to be trash, but I still got a rush. Jeff being the great guy that he is, gave Robby one of the nuggets that he found, and it made his day. What a great trip. A special thanks to Lucky and Jeff. :whoopie: :whoopie: :whoopie:
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You know there is some luck involved in getting your coil over a nugget and more so in a old patch. Remember, keep that coil on the ground and swing it slow! You have the best equipment and support of all of us, your 1/4 oz pendant should follow soon in your local gold patch's. Warning to all: SilverDog Doug, is Top Notch and will out hike and dig fellow detectorist 20 to 30 years his junior, NuggetSlayer and myself will atestify to it! We both look forward to our next hunt with you Doug.


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Thanks Guys, I would really like to see you both at the Nuggetshooter outing in Late Oct. or early Nov.. You will be looking for Nuggets and space rocks. You can also go down the road 75 miles or so and look for Franconia Meteorites. You will gain so much knowledge from the greats like John B. and friends. You will be among the best. I know that I am going to try and go. :icon_mrgreen: :headphones: :woohoo: Happy hunting . Doug

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