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is this a rock or a meteorite?

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Is it magnetic? I don't know much about them, but I don't think it is. It looks more like some type of volcanic rock. Someone on here will know or will know how you can find out.

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There is also another possibility that what you have is Blast Furnace Slag, What Fred mentioned would fit into this catagory.

Notice the reddish surface tinge on your specimen and also the surface glaze.

Check out these links.............




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Since i've found it near a country road, i'm totaly conviced now that this piece of rock is a simple piece of slag, but still this rock got my attention and i want to become a meteor hunter, btw i'm now studying at the universiti of geology, and who know in the future myabe i'll find on of the real deals, i'll stay in touch with you guys , thx for giving your opinion

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