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Landon M

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Hey All,

For starters, thank you all so much for your willingness to contribute info to us new guys.

Ive been a die hard outdoor enthusiast forever and was just recently introduced to the idea of nugget hunting a few months ago, and I must say it was intstant gold fever. I have recently purchased a whites gmt detector, been out a few times, and plan on getting out atleast every other week from here on out. Ive stacked up on books and have done what seems like 50 plus hours of internet reading. Most info is great but is very limited to a brief description if any of a common placer area.

What i havent quite got the grasp of are the finer details of what one looks for to begin his search once the truck is turned off. I know to start where gold has been found, quarts and granite of coarse are great signs, red sand, high mineralized area, old drywashing evidence, elbows in washes etc. But once i find myself in a far off "hard to get to" place and want to narrow my search to up my odds, where specifically should i be focusing my attention? What makes an experiance metal detectorist decide "ill start here?"

I am from vegas and will be focusing on the areas in and around golde butte, searchlight, white hills, kingman etc.

Thank you all again for your time,


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Landon, I never had much luck with using a detector, but it sounds like you have armed yourself with all the correct information through your studies. I think now it is just going to be a matter of time and patience. The GMT is also a good detector.

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Others will probably chime in here but you've got the basics, sometimes gold will be found in a place /or under conditions that don't make sense also. So go for it with what you know get out there and put that GMT to the ground and start "PROSPECTING". And dont forget about space rocks you may stumble into them also.

Good Luck an Hapy Huntn.

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Thanks for the input guys. I appreciate the feedback. Last week i hit the white elephant wash in the gold basin area. Found some nice meteorites, but no gold.. I did leave with a great piece of mind. It made me hungry to get a little deeper in the less trampled on areas. After hiking 5 plus miles and still finding dig holes, it was a little discouraging. Never the less, i got my feet wet, and its on now. Im gonna take the quad to gold butte next, start at/near the mines, find the best looking areas i can, grid it out, detect it slow and methodical, and hopefully produce. Ill be sure to post pics if i get into anything good.

If anyone wants to hook up that lives near vegas, let me know.

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