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I find Hoser's reply to be refreshing, clear and to the point.

Just who the hell are these guys who are screwing it up for the rest of us? I'd like names please.

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Here's a quote from that article-

"Over at the Nugget Shooter Forum, an amateur prospecting website, compliance with the suction dredge ban doesn’t look promising. And it appears that miners still favor the speech stylings and hotheaded temperament of Yosemite Sam."

Unfortunately the tone of this article is trying to shed some negative light on our hobby. The writer is probably trying to drum up more support for his cause (obviously he's against dredging) and will try and find anything negative he can use to help support his viewpoints and beliefs. At least this is how I'm interpreting that article.

I know one thing... I'll certainly watch what I write on the forums from now on, especially if it's used as ammunition against us.


PS- This isn't the first time the NS forum has been in the news. Do a quick search about the Saguaro cactii shredding and follow some of the links (if they still work).

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Looks like i sold the 6 inch and moved to Az just in time. Ca can burn far as i'm concerned. Oh looks like it already is. :laught16: :laught16: :laught16: :laught16: :laught16: :laught16: :laught16: :laught16:

This post my not represent any of the user true feelings and in no why should be taken of such. we shall not be held responsible for anything in the post or feelings that my be hurt by it. if you find your self getting angry at this post please click to another post. :tisc-tisc:

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two things i wont be doing anytime soon (both of wich i enjoy doing very much) I will not be buying a ca. fishing license & i certainly will never set foot into a indian casino again. I enjoyed taking my mom, she's 83 & loved a little casino action, but it's back to the long drive to vegas because they wont be seeing any of our $ localy. screw them all. killing fish my ass. ask those salmon in those millions of cans who killed them. just like all the other fisheries it's not the nets & overfishing it's those damed recriational miners killing all the fish. :Huh_anim]: what a crock!!

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Yes thats why the CDFG just spent over a 1/4 million on the clear creek restoration project=A DREDGE WITH NO BOX THROWING ALL THE GARBAGE BACK INTO THE CREEK!!! The idea was to loosen the impacted gravels---gee what we do for free AND REMOVE THE TRASH/MERCURY AND OTHER BS-John When the going gets tough the women get a running and the men raise LL :twocents:

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