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Zaya's adventure!

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Hello all,

Zaya's adventure started with a phone call to me on Tuesday afternoon. He called and asked if we could possibly go on a hunt for meteorites on Sat. We had not been out on a hunt together for quite some time and of course my answer to him was "absolutely " our hunt started out late that morning after the alarm failed to go off at 0500 hours! We finally hit the road at 0900 hours and headed for some fuel for our bodies before our adventure. Zaya's choice was Sonic for some french toast and a cup of coffee. We hit the road again at 0930 and arrived at 1030. Once we arrived we geared up and I hunted for about an hour with no luck. It was Zaya's turn next. He grabbed the GMT and adjusted the headphones as I sat down for a rest and a snack. I kid you not, a minute later Zaya yells "I got a signal!" I walk over to where he is at just in time to see him swiping at the ground with his foot! I can see the meteorite in the dirt but Zaya has not seen it yet. He runs the GMT over the area again and the detector screams " zip zip, zip zip" He moves the coil away and sees the meteorite in the dirt. Has he reaches over to pick it up I can see the smile on his face start to grow! As he is grinning and looking at his find the meteorite dance soon follows!! ''Awesome!!" he yells as I tell him it might be a pallasite. Zaya is at this point a very very happy meteorite hunter!!

Folks, let me tell you.... this is absolutely what it is all about!!! I will remember this day as long as I live and I am positive Zaya will as well. Good memories, a beautiful day in the mountains and of course the time spent with my grandson Zaya the adventurer and meteorite hunter! Oh and I almost forgot, his find is a pallasite and Zaya is elated with the news once again yelling "awesome" has he looks at his find through the loupe.

Enjoy the pics all.

fueling up


A hard look at his find


Zaya's first pallasite!


Another view


Thanks all, good hunting!!

Dean & Zaya

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Aloha guys,

Now those are some awsome looking finds! :woohoo: Great looking specimens that will make a very nice display because of the character. Keep up the good job with that GMT.

Aloha and be safe out there.

Stan aka Kaimi

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Hi Dean,

Kudos to the Z-Man, what a beautiful pallasite! It's got a really cool shape. In the photo where it's standing vertical, it looks just like the "Geico" gecko - wow! Great photos too, Dean. Congrats on making some great finds, and making some unique memories that no amout of money can buy.


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Frank c....Thanks for the kind words! It's funny cause Zaya kept saying " hey what happens when we find the big one? What do we do then Ampa?" HE SURE HAS IT on his mind and maybe one day....just maybe!

Terry Soloman...Thank you, half of the fun to Zaya and I is washing the finds the night we get home, getting a goo nights sleep then rising early to a huge pot of coffee and hot choclate! We then head outside with the loupe, camera, coffee, hot choclate to study the finds. We look for flow lines, fusion crust, olivine crystals and the unique shapes and splits etc. Good times!

Homefire...Thanks buddy for the kudos. Zaya also has a blast looking at the photos right after a trip and deciding which ones will be posted here on the nuggetshooter!

Spacerocker1....To 9 year old Zaya Sonic is about as good as it gets for fueling up! Zaya's are pallasites, the rest are sids. Thanks!

Kaimi....how you doing buddy? You are right his piece will be displayed and were trying to do it gecko style. We thought we were the only one's seeing it!! The GMT is great, only the female plug on the machine is loose where you plug in the jack and there seems nothing can be done by me to tighten it! It's outta warranty now. Thanks buddy! Always safe my friend!

Erik....thank you my friend. First off Zaya looks up very highly at you and Ben after the time you spent with him in Holbrook! He will and does remember how kind and helpful you both were to him during the hunt. And did I mention your very sound patience and attention to him. Gracias mi amigos de la tierra que tienne la sol muy caliente!

Goldfinger....Steve thank you for the kudos and kind words!! It is a squirrel and a Geico Gecko too! We laughed when we saw and noticed it!

Bones!....You got it man! We are on the same page my friend! Thank you for the awesome words!!

Ben....You saw the gecko right off the bat just like we did! it really looks cool sitting there. I might wanna play with and doctor the image a bit to see what we can come up with just for kicks. Thanks for the photo comments, I try and get them out a little different. I have a ton I have never posted. Maybe a thread where we can all post our adventure photos whether they be meteorites or not. This way everyone can get a good idea of what we are all taking out in the field.

Ben says " Congrats on making some great finds, and making some unique memories that no amount of money can buy." You could not have said it any better my friend!

Thanks everyone and just to let you all know, Zaya is thrilled with you all!

Dean & Zaya

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Yo Dean...& Zaya too....I've gotta say that for all these years on all the forums--gold, treasure and meteorite oriented--those pix of Zaya and your description of the adventure are the very best of all forum posts, going back more than a decade...I've just got a new grandson, Ronan, and when he packs on a few years, I truly hope I can have the wonderful experience your photos and glowing prose about this important time you two shared...Thank you very much for sharing it with us...Cheers, Unc

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Uncle Ron...Thank you very much. It is one thing for me to get out and hunt by myself but when Zaya is with me it is special time spent together. His ma is raising Zaya and his youger sister by herself so he rarely sees his Dad. I try and spend as much time with them as I possibly can. It is a rough and confusing time in his young life right now. This is his get away from all that stuff. He's a trooper! Thanks again.

Ronan, what a cool name. Remember that Zaya has been out with me since he was 5 and in the last two years alone he has grown into quite the hunter. I remember when he couldn't even hold up the detector! Ronan will be learning from you before you know it!!! I can't wait to see pics of the two of ya!!

Fred...Gracias amigo for the kind words. Fred he just truly loves meteorite hunting and would rather be hunting then doing anything else! Thanks Fred.

Kaimi...I will keep you posted on the article and when I send it in. Thanks for your help and your time.


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Pretty cool story Dean, glad to hear the Z-man finally nailed one. One thing's for sure, he certainly has the persistance required for meteorite hunting!

I've been prepping my niece for meteorite/gold hunting and drywashing already even though she's only three. A couple weeks back I broke out my GMT and we both went hunting for pirate treasure. The thing I love most about it is the look of discovery on her face when we find something in the ground and you can certainly see that on the Z-mans face! Precious moments like that are priceless!


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Del...The Z-man came through with flying colors! He loves the hunt just like we all do. He also gets a huge kick outta seeing his posts on the forum!

Del way to go with your niece! Three years old, wow!! It's great to see the looks of amazement on the young one's faces! Hats off to guys like you who spend time with the young ones out in the field. Priceless moments indeed my friend! Moments to remember and talk about for a life time.

Jason...Man your not kidding, the Z-man is already planning our next hunt! Thanks for the good words! Good hunting!


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Guest bedrock bob

Hey Dean!

Been away for a few weeks and I see Zaya is snapping them up! Great finds!

Tell that little turkey hello for me!

Hey, it is cooling off some and soon the snakes will be going back into hiding (I saw 7 last Sunday, 15 in the last week). The gold is just pouring out of the sand in Hillsboro. I sure would like to get the two of you out there for a weekend in a few weeks. I will bet the Z man can find a whopper!

Rock on Dean!

The view from my front porch yesterday afternoon. Just thought I would throw that one in there for giggles.


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Bob...hey thanks!! I told Zay hello for ya and he says hi back at ya. We would definitely be interested in hitting the hills of Hillsboro with you. In fact Zaya and I were watching a show on dredging today. He was full of questions. I'm sure he could learn a boat load from you about gold in a weekend. Give me a call when you get a chance. Let us know when. Hey by the way, that is an outstanding view!!! Great pic.

Nate, whats up bud? We have all been well and get out for a hunt every chance we get. Your gonna love the ion batteries. It sure makes a difference in the weight! Good luck with your hunts.

Clifton...thanks! He sure was full of happiness and wonder that day. Hope things are well for you and yours!

Thanks again all. Good hunting to you. :postdigger:

Dean and Zaya Z-man

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Hello Doug,

thanks! Great memories Zaya and I will remember for ever! Hey I sent you a few more pics for you and Hannah to look at. Take care my friend. Good hunting!


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