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Introduction, Hey all, I'm a newbie!!!

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Hey everybody, names Brad I'm in Albuquerque NM, looking for fellow space rock enthusists to hunt with.

Equipment consists of an MXT, m/l explorer 2 and an old bountyhunter for the kids to play with.

I saw a couple of posts from fellow NM'ers and would like to know if any of you guys wanna hunt the hill with me?

You know which one! :tisc-tisc:

How bout you Bedrock Bob, you seem like an adventurous soul? or maybe the n/f near there.

I've done some homework/detective work...


Hope for a response and would like to say there seems to be some good eggs here.


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Welcome to the forum fellow New Mexican. Sounds like you have been watching the forum for awhile. There are quite a few places to hunt here in N.M. that hold very good potential. Good hunting!!!


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