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Anyone besides Uncle Ron going gold hunting this weekend (29th/30th) in AZ? I was really looking forward to going, but with this severe heat advisory I guess I will be staying home.

I guess Uncle Ron will have the desert all to himself.

I have been getting up at 330am on weekends and spending a couple hours before it gets to hot.

Perhaps it will be cooler way up in the Bradshaws?

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Yep, the coolest place is the higher country...I'm heading up and hunting under the pines myself. Cooler months are approaching, but you still need to get up early and fight that heat to find a couple of patches for the Winter months to work!


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Well guys I just a severe weather alert for 29 Palms, 118 the high today. It cooled down to 101 last night. That desert pavement out in the Dale District will probably melt the rubber of your tires today :Huh_anim]: :laught16: :laught16:

OL'29er :coffeetime:

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I'll tell you guys a few things I do that helps me handle the heat a little better- get a brand new bug sprayer, don't use one that has been used because the chemicals are unhealthy. Fill it up with water and spray yourself down about every half hour or so. Of course you also want to apply lots of sunscreen, wear light colored long sleeve shirts and pants (traps moisture in) and drink plenty of liquids. Also a 3 liter Camelbak is very nice to have (I can't imagine life without mine!). One other thing I'll do before going out, sometimes I'll take in a little bit of salt before I leave because it seems to help you hold water a little better. Of course always pay attention to the signs of a heat stroke.

The heats manageable this time of the year, just use common sense and pace yourself. After a few trips you'll start to get used to it. What beats me down isn't necessarily the heat, it's the sun!

I love hunting in the summer months because you usually get the place all to yourself... not a single sole around... nice and quiet! :headphones:

Good luck and be safe out there.


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I use to cook my brain and body for the chance of finding a little gold but not any more it just ain't worth it to me now :innocent0009: you guys have fun---I work in it all week and try and stay cool on the weekends--so I either beep up north or stay in the ac for now :icon_mrgreen: ---Mike C... :ph34r2:

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A half-joking reminder: one of the classic symptoms of heat stroke

is that people don't quite understand what is happening to them when it hits.

The onset many times is quite subtle.

I tend to agree with Mike and LuckyLundy, stay home or find location at a higher

(and cooler) altitude.

As DOC constantly reminds us, be careful out there.

All the best,


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Darn guys, I was off road half way up in the Bradshaws when I tore out the side wall in a tire. back down in the city now. Maybe try again tomorrow. Nothing like a flat tire to put a damper on the day

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Hey All,

As hot as it is here in Phoenix, Hell doesn't seem to be too much of a threat. This is only a little, girlie heat-advisory. I have worked outdoors all day in 123 degrees. Bring it on..........................


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