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I did quite a bit of reading books and forums about nugget hunting with my mxt. I live in Oregon so early this summer I went to Quartzville. It is a public place to pan sleuce or metal detect. I could not tell a zip from a zap. I have heard lead shot sounds off the same is that true? If I could hear what it actually sounds like when I swing over a nugget it sure would help.

Second Question. I have a dx1 pin pointer and a 4 x 6 coil can I just take the lower rod off and use the dx1 pin pointer to search cracks in bedrock? I have frequented other forums but I just registered here. I also want to say I am sorry to hear about dredges in California.

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It's good practice to use a test nugget a bit of lead will work fine. Some folks glue it on a poker chip others use a split shot on a bit of florescent fishing line.

Toss the test nugget down and see how it sounds, twist the knobs, flick the switches and push the buttons and trust your ears. 99% of the gold you will find will be a faint signal. Dig any repeatable signal. Do the same test with a small iron bit and see how the discrimination works. The MXT has a great iron ID but it's not fool proof.

Match the coil to the size of gold your after. The 6x10 coil will be fine for most of your gold hunting.

Good luck and don't give up some folks take a year to find a nugget. Do research and only hunt at or near areas that have produced detectable size gold.

Enjoy the hobby!


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Gary, at this point in your gold-finding career, don't worry whether a signal is a zip or a zap, dig them all. Depending on how trashy the site is, especially where bird hunting with shotguns has taken place, you may recover MANY trash targets for each nugget. Don't worry about it, each trash item found puts you closer to gold, Hope this helps; HH Jim

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I agree with the poker chip test...I use a 1 gram nugget in a clay chip and dig a hole about 4" deep then bury it to try and get more accurate tuning... seems to help with the little stuff and better than an air test in my humble opinion... it works for me, maybe not for everyone though... my two cents...

Best of luck


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set your mxt in prospecting mode auto track on & dig all signals ..

focus on exposed bedrock, its to hard to try to work the gravel bars..

theres small nuggets in yellowbottom i worked it back in the 80s & found a few

work slow keep your gain so the threshold is stable..

you will have the best performance if you use a 6 x 10 or 3 x 6 dd coil

keep at it you will find the first 1 :thumbsupanim

good hunting


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