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I have a SD2200d with 2 batteries . One is the original dome top and the other one is the mini . They both seem to take a charge (it's been a while) but I'd like to know if there is a test that I could perform at home so I don't taste failure in the middle of nowhere . I need to know how to test them in such a way as to know if they are fully charged . Thanks .

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Hook it up and turn it on then walk away come back every hour and √ if it's still running. It should run for six to 10 hours. The small one about 4 hours.

Don't leave it on the 110 charger more then 10 hours. Use a multi meter to √ the voltage. Check it with the power cord plugged into the battery. A bit safer that


Then toss em and get a Pocket Rocket :)

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They are both the BB battery that come with the machine stock . I am testing the big one now (BP10-6) and it is at 8 1/2 hours and still "alive". I wave a chunk of metal across the coil every hour or so and it "barks" so I know it's still transmitting . I would love to get a "pocket rocket" but not right now .

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I got them both re-charged and noted the time it took . The larger battery took as long to re-charge as it took to discharge . The smaller battery took an hour longer . I did them both at 12 volts . I have the house charger but it does not tell me when they are finished and some folks said that was a good way to cook a battery .

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Guest bedrock bob

My advice is to get a small garden tractor to carry that heavy battery for you. Maybe hook it up to the regulator so the tractor can keep it fully charged.

When I took my Minelab out of the box and saw that Die Hard packed in there I could not believe it! Went straight out and bought a "Pocket Racket". I have fried one regulator already. I just keep that 7 lbs. of lead around in case I fry another. Between a coil change and a battery upgrade I probably took ten pounds off that detector. Put the rest in a home made harness that hangs from my daypack and protects the gear. Now the only thing in my hands is a light detector coil and pole, and the rest of the BS is on my shoulder. Works peachy and I can hunt all day with it in my left hand with no fatige, no bungee, nada.


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