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Apache Junction?


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Does anyone know if anyone has found any gold in the AJ area in recent years??


Only on the canned coin & nugget shooting that a local club used to have in Feb. in the AJ area :laught16: .

On the serious side they have a local club that has claims on that side of town I've been told. Just stop by the local metal detecting & prospecting store to get information.


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A few places. One placed was on the road heading up to the Mining Canp Resturant, its all houses now! Another place was on the road just passed the power substation, turn left off the trail before you get to the ghost town tourist trap, after you get by the houses on the right, there wil be a parking area to the right. From that parking area toward the wash, heading east, north east there are several test pit that was dug years agos. I haven't been back up in there for a year or so, so I don't know what the land status is now. At the time it was close to home, 12 minutes drive.

Good luck, Robert

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I'm not aware of any gold claims in Apache Junction but the there could be. Goldfield to the north is probably a better bet but it's all claimed and you'll need permission where ever you hunt. Watch out though. I'm aware of at least two people that got shot and killed in claim disputes in that area over the years.


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I grew up in that area. Read Uncle Ron's post "Happy Patch" the indicator's for this area is the same as AJ'sgold. The Grey dirt next to the red dirt. The grey is a decomposed rock that carried stringers of gold. There are claims in AJ area of the Super Mt. Your best bet for gold is further down Hwy 60 to Superior, AZ to the Minerial Mt area. I forgot the name of the Mt on your righthand side before you get into town. There's gold in the wash and hill sides and is claimed check with A&B mining in Mesa...he may hold it?


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Yo Lundy,

I believe you're talking about Picket Post Mountain and the creek. Frank Lynn used to have most of the claims there but, I haven't been there in many years so, I don't know what current status is. I think his exwife Carol runs still runs A and B Prospecting. We used to dredge there when it rained hard using dams and sheet plastic.


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