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White's GMT Settings?

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Hi Y'all...

Well...I've got my GMT and I think I'm beginning to get the hang of it. I've studied the manual and viewed the DVD. I can reliably find the nails, screws and buried beer cans in my back yard. But my throwdown samples (NWA 869, supposedly L5 Chondrite) don't give me much audio signal at all. The Iron display on the LCD registers quite high, but the audio signal is basically a very short drop out of the background hum (with very subtle grunt if I have that function active).

I'm just wondering if there's settings on the GMT that will give a little more definitive response for the L type Chondrites, or do I need to practice more and become more sensitive to the background hum drop outs?

Any pointers from you GMT using meteorite hunters? :confused0013:


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Heres 2 ways I do it,

1) If you want to walk at a BRISK pace swinging.........

Toggle switch under display pad in center position , auto/manual switch set to manual, audio boost off center position, gain and sat set to 8 9 or 10 , threshold set to just hearable with earphones on,

ground balance your machine and start swinging.

Alot of guys set to 10 10 an go at it. And also turn threshold to just silent, I don't.

2) If you want to walk SLOWER and search for DEEPER targets...........

SAME as above EXCEPT , If you want audio boost on DO IT, ( I don't often use it ) ( Black Widow headphones more than compensate for increased audio performance thats what I use )... gain and sat set starting around 5...5 1/2 to 6 - 7- 8 depending on your soil conditions, threshold same as # 1 above with phones on, ( NOW with detector in horizontal position to the ground , waist high pull back on the toggle switch under display pad hold momentarily then release back to center position, DON'T ASK ME WHY :POsmiley01: CAUSE IF I TELL YOU I HAVE TO KILL YOU :yikes: )....now ground balance and start combing the ground listening for all sounds to threshold.

This has worked well for me.

If the GMT is new to you ,you may want to use it in auto for awhile longer to get more used to it, HOWEVER you need to start using MANUAL TUNE MODE and learn how to TWEEK the GMT to you and your surroundings, So you might as well start experimenting with what I have told you, Thats kinda like me saying YA CAN'T KEEP THE TRAINING WHEELS ON THE BIKE WHEN YER 15 YEARS OLD THE NEIGHBORS WILL START WONDERING.... :nutty::laught16: And seriously now whats in yer 'POKE" will suffer.

Make sure you have the multi piece rod extended far enough out away from you to have a comfortable swing.

And always remember keep the coil level as possible and CLOSE to the ground as possible without banging into rocks.

I believe when you stated you were not getting a good audio response but the iron readout was showing high or pegging the scale it was because you weren't set up and ground balanced real well , thats what was keeping the GMT from HOLLERING back at you, (getting a good audio response along with your readout).

Try what I have suggested at various settings, I dont want to give you too much more info right now learn these varietys in settings first, anyway if I did then you'd know as much as I do an we can't have that now. Just pullin yer string,... have fun and enjoy it thats what its all about along with finding some goodies for yer "POKE".


Hapy Huntn

Frank C

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