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Hey Grubstake!

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Gary, remember the story about the nugget that was found while the workers were repairing a waterline at the town cemetery?

Naturally, if we go in there and start detecting we'll get lynched. However, if we contact the grave digger, maybe we could get permission to detect the dirt that came out of the hole. What da ya think? Dean

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I don't know Dean, thats the county property. It would be up to the county, not the guy running the backhoe. Not much are there to detect, that place is getting full fast, 8 people this month alone, some they had to dig the road up by the creek to make room. I'd like to talk to Greenamyer and see if we can get on the hill behind Idle Wheels park. I know up behind the jail theres some nice stuff. Grubstake

Don't pay any attention to Pondmn, he only knows about fishing! And grandkids! Ha! Ha! He's dieing to get out too. Gary

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Dean & Grubstake

That dirt they have left over it may be stockpile someplace and that's what I'd look for.

Some years ago I coin hunted this swimming pool that had a gravel bottom and it was cleaned out one time.I went to the place they had taken the gravel-dirt and found lots of coins in it plus other items.

Now the pool has a high fence around it and I won't tell you that I've been ran out after that because of some darn fish that's in the water.What they don't say is it went dry one time and all the fish went belly up so down the road they went to get more to restock it again.

If I was you I'd be detecting any work done by any digger.

Have Fun!

Chuck Anders

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Dean and you guys, I am going to horn in on your posts to give you one of my best spots to detect.

I have posted this before a long time ago.

If you live in snow country find a shopping mall that clears its parking lots and find the spot they dump, its usually in the back some where.

Detect the piles of dirt left after the thaw, this works where they use sweepers anytime of the year too!

Its kinda nasty but I can't begin to list all the coins and jewlery and stuff I have found!, One of the best is behind the shopping center in Chinle,AZ, the piles of dirt from the sweeper is loaded with Turquise, older, smaller shopping centers are best that have vacant lots in the rear.

See ya at Rye Patch.


BTW: Detecting in cementeries in TX & Al will get you 5 years in the state pen, check some of the treasure hunting forums a couple of years ago.

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