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Long upper shft for tall guys


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Hi! All Bandana Don is manufacturing extra long Shats, they are 6 inches longer than the factory shafts on the Minelab PI's, they have the same locking nut at the bottom, and 8 ajustment hole instead of 6, He sent me one to test, I got it today and put it on my detector, for anyone running large coils or tall people, its the cats meow. it looks great, balances well. He sell them for $89.00 shippeed, I think he said Rob and maybe{not sure} Bill carried them, anyone that doen't want a sore back anymore from bending to keep the coil on the ground. This is a perfect product. Contact Bandana Don by PM and get yourself one. much better than having lots of extra long lower shafts, I have a low for every coil, and now with the extra long Supper Shaft, it makes things much easyer on the old body. Grubstake

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