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Garrett Infinium w/smaller coil


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I know the PI Garrett Infinium was a big disappointment to many when it first came out due to it not being sensitive enough to detect small gold. However, I am wondering if anyone has tried it with a smaller coil? Garrett now has four coil sizes to choose from for this unit, the smallest being a 3X7 DD. Loss of depth, but lots of sensitivity and the stability of a PI detector. American made with a MSRP of $1250. What do yins think?

As you know, I lack the patients of using a VLF in highly mineralized soil.

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Grubstake is right, Jim does like the machine. I've used it a couple of times, but not use to a PI unit I was not sure what I was doing. The learning curve on a GP series Minelab I believe is easier. You might also check out the White's TDI. With it you have many more coil options and it's basic learning curve is easy. Like any detector, you have to put in the time to learn it.

OL'29er :coffeetime:

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