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Dave first it has to be resized to about 450x640 and mine are in my Pictures file, if you have one thats not in your pictures file on your computor, down load it, put it in you file, I have windows XP so I have photo suite and photo impression, after its re-sized and in my picture file, I post what ever on the forum, click the Brows file button on the bottom of the post, select the picture file, click on what ever picture I want to post, and then clik on upload attachment, it takes awhile, then you will see the file was up-loaded. Click on post reply or subject, don't pre-view it, you will lose the picture. See if that works for you. Grubstake


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I think Rob has his, set to down size them on automatic, you could try it, if you want to do you profile picture, click on my controls, you will see it says change avitar, click on that, then the file you want to use as your forum picture. you can Google pixer sizer and load your pictures in to it, and then down size them. Or send it to Rob ; at auplacers@yahoo.com and let him post them. Grubstake All you have to do there is send him a short email and then before you send it click on insert attachment. Gary or you can email them to me, at :garyanddorthy@sti.net and I can down size them and post them for you. Gary

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