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best detector frequency for finding meteorites?

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I have used both whites mxt and gmt for meteorite hunting. I hunted the mxt at 15khz, and the gmt at 48khz. I found deeper targets, with the mxt, but smaller meteorites with the gmt. I prefer the gmt when hunting, but the thing I liked about the mxt is less interference, with the gmt, it is susceptible to more rf interference. Dave

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Hi Rtellesen

Alot depends on the type of meteorite your hunting and where your hunting. I should think iron meteorites in heavy mineralization at depth the lower frequecys would be better. L or LL chondrites with minimul weathering in modest ground probably the higher frequencys. If they are highly weathered or achondrites in high mineralization ground you might try the Gold bug 2 which operates at 70 kilohertz(sp) or so and that may still be a crap shoot. Happy Huntin John B.

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Aloha, Just my :twocents: for now BUT you REALLY need to become one with your detector. Yeah I know it sounds weird BUT once you get to really "KNOW" how your detector reacts to each target it will be like looking into the ground. Keep on practicing with known targets and after awhile have someone else bury them and see if you can guess what the target is :hmmmmmm: before you dig. Good training and it will also get your brain into the "I know what that sound is" :headphones: mode!

Good luck,

Stan aka Kaimi

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