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Differences for the V/SAT & GMT

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Good afternoon Everyone,

I’d like to start off first by letting Jim (Paleface) know he is being thought of and I wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.

Although I haven’t been actively participating with the forum, I have been checking in here and there. Hopefully the future will provide me with more of an opportunity to get out and do some shooting….

Anyhoo, I have the opportunity to purchase a Whites “Goldmaster V/SAT” that is basically in brand new condition and need some help and opinions. When first looking into and for a machine, the V/SAT was one of the first machines I wanted. It was no longer being manufactured, but I found so many people that loved that machine and read so many good reviews, I tried to find a good used one. I couldn’t at the time, so I purchased a GMT. When it comes time to go shooting, I would like to have an extra machine both for myself and anyone who may be accompanying me.

In a nutshell I want to know what the differences are between the V/SAT & the GMT? Is the GMT in manual mode the same as the V/SAT? What do you think it’s worth? And general opinions and advice regarding the V/SAT.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you and best regards,

Lunar Man (Dave)

p.s: My dog ate my list of coordinates for Glorieta, would everyone please send me theirs :laught16:

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Thank you Frank, your help is appreciated.

Perhaps I should have made myself more easily understood…… J I am really trying to find people who have a good amount of experience with both machines or at least with the V/SAT. It would be very helpful to get some feedback regarding it’s general function, overall feelings about how good a machine it is, opinions on it’s short-comings, suggestions on how to get the most of it, etc.

Also, the V/SAT like the GMT will be used for both Meteorites and Nugget shooting.

Thank you for any help,

LunarMan (Dave)

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Hi Dave

I've lots of experience with the Vsat but Minimul on the GMT. All the goldmaster series including the GMT use the same coils and are pretty much the same machine with varying degrees or extras. The Vsat is a pretty basic machine and the only thing that would beat it as far as meteorite hunting goes is the enhance modes available on the gm3 and gm4 models. I'm uncertain if the gmt has those features. The autotracking on the gmt would be detrimental for space rock hunting but it does have a manual ground balance mode and a grab button. On the lower metal containing meteorites the autotrack mode would have the tendency to tune them out as it was designed to tune out hot rocks and patches of high mineralization. The Vsat is a very good machine and for a couple hundred bucks awful hard to beat. As with all detectors many,many hours are needed to learn the language they speak and to become one with your machine. All good detectors have an iron ID feature designed to discriminate Iron when in use. Unfortunatly in space rock hunting your looking for iron so the use of the iron ID is of little use !! Happy Huntin John B.

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Why not just go with the GMT? it's sharp on small chondrites

and ground balances in a few seconds.

I just flip to auto balance, pump it, flip it to manual ground

balance and then pump and hold grab and im off.

No one runs the GMT in auto balance unless they are coin shooting

in a park...

If I want to find small 1 gram chondrites I slap on the stock coil

and if I want to cover a lot of ground to get to the big guys then

I slap on the Sierra Goldmax coil.

The GMT, Vsat, GM3, GM4, GM4B, MXT are all perfect for

finding small chondrites.

I recomend the GMT for how fast it ground balances and how

basic yet sharp it is.


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