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Half Baked A. M. Meteorite

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Got out for about 4 1/2 hours to the Basin with a couple new friends this morning. Lucked into a real pretty 48 grammer that was hiding from everyone else untill I got there :laught16:

By 11:o'clock even with a nice steady wind it was pretty darn hot. The two other hunters picked up a total of 5 one broke his cherry today finding 3 pieces.


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Hey Frank, Real nice looking Gold Basin. Dam well done for only 4 1/2 hours!! :whoopie: Man, I'm Jonezen bad. I gota get my trannie fixed, can't go anywhere, I'm loozen it! Need Meteoritessss.

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Aloha Frank C.,

I almost made a trip out there but ran into a couple of Hawaiians visiting for the week and just had to show them a good time here in Vegas. HOT DANG, you just have to check out the brazilian pool at the Rio. Weeeeedoggie!!


Stan aka Kaimi

Looks like I may hit the GB next week wednesday tho!

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All the guys are right on the money! What a great Gold Basin rock from the heavens above! 48 grammer to boot, wow!! :bowdown:

Congrats on a good time and a great successful hunt!

Good hunting!


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