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Grants Pass

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I am going to Grants Pass,Or. the end of the month, and want to take the Grand Kids Panning and metal detecting. If anyone can help with a good location, I would appreciate it. Thanks. :hmmmmmm: :hmmmmmm: Doug

Get in touch with Dave Rutan. You can email him from his business site at: http://www.oregongoldtrip.com/index.htm He is in Grants Pass. Have Fun! - Terry

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Hey Doug, there is an open area where Graves Creek runs into the Rogue River. Pickers have been panned near the upper end of the open area, on the road side. Good luck...............MARSTIN

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Hey Doug

Call Armadillo Mining Shop, they are in Grants Pass and know every inch of ground in that area. You won't have any trouble finding gold in that country. I dredged up there for 20+ years and its hard not to find gold in most of the streams in the area. I would let you go on my claims up there and have at it but my partners will not hear of it. They work the claims every day six months a year. I don't know why they think that way cause someone running a sluice box ain't going to hurt those claims any. But its what it is. Try Galice creek and the lower end of Graves creek. Most anywhere on the Rouge will produce gold with a little sluice box.

Have fun and happy hunting. AL.C

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