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battery charger to run "dc" pumps

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Isaw a video of a sluice set up running a "dc" bilge pump from tub water being powered by using a battery charger instead of a battery. anyone have any tips or experience using this method? looks like a great way to save your battery for field use.

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OR you can go to Radio Shack and get an a/c d/c converter I have one that I sometimes use to power all my 12v stuff at home, sometimes I want to save a charged batt for field use like you said.

I think I paid less than 20.00 for the one I have.

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Just make sure you get a good bilge pump. They are not designed to run for hours on end. More for pumping a few gallons out of you bilge every now and again. Had 2 on my 32' Trojan and used a deep cycle battery with a motor cycle battery charger on the battery at all times.


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