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I was a little tanked here a couple weeks ago and said a few things that I should not have about JB. That was my bad. This is my public apology and I'm sorry.

JB I don't have a darn thing against you. I just like to mess with you a little. In fact I actually like ya man.

Anyway this is my public apologie. I'M SORRY MY BAD. You be Cool man....


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Don't have a clue what happened but it took guts to to do what you have just done. Hats off to you

OL'29er :coffeetime:

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One of these days we'll meet out in the field and shake hands. Maby we have and niether one of us remember. I think we have.

When I meet JB I will be wearing a big smile and say hey man waz up bro. Nice clean cut white boy like me I'll make a lasting impression!

Yall be cool


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Thanks Vinman. won't be even able to talk to John B. next week. He'll be like Pelosi and Barbara Boxer combined :ROFL:

Don't know what was said or done, but way down deep (way down!), he's good people and would do any thing to help anyone. Wait a second! :hmmmmmm: Obama said the same thing :hmmmmmm: :hmmmmmm: Shut up Shep-


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Your right shep. He is good people and has done alot of nice things for many. Hard to beat a man like that down when the rest of us have done nothing for our fellow man.

Most don't know some of the stuff that JB has done and even though I don't know him personally he is a man of true color and a class act. Some may argue the fact but I have watched from a distance for some years. He's a good man even if he is an ass at times to some they may have deserved it anyway.

JB has done alot of good things in the right places for the right things. So you can't give him a bad time just a hard time and he takes that well to I may add.

If I was giving awards away, JB would get one. He's a good man.


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