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Hello All

I talked to Jim yesterday. He is still undergoing tests and waiting for

doctors appointments. I know more details but I just don't have the heart

to post them until Jim has had more tests. I can tell you that Jim needs all

the prayers and hope that we can give.

Jim is in good spirits,and hanging in there. He said that the concern of all

the great guys and gals on the forum ,is really appreciated,and brought a

lump to his throat.

The last time I was in Kingman,Jim took the whole day and gave me the

grand tour. We checked out several mines and really interesting stuff. Spent

some time looking over his treasures and visiting with his Wife and Mother.

Both are really great ladies. Jim's wife makes a superb German Chocolate

cake. Anyone that would bake a cake for a scruffy old prospector has to be

a real sweetheart ,thanks Sue.

Heck we even stopped by and checked out Frank C's drywashers and ran a

few buckets of dirt through them. By the way Frank is a real nice guy with a

really nice Wife,and does some first class work.

Jim and I have spent quite a few hours puttering around on the claims and

scratching dirt. We never can get out of there until way after dark,because

its like two kids playing in a sand lot in the summer time. I have never had

a better friend or met a better man than Jim Smaller. Here is a picture of Jim

that I took on our tour.post-1434-1248421683_thumb.jpg

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Sawmill and Jim,

Between both of you, even though we have never met in person, I consider both of you as friends! Your willingness to offer research links and the real candor and logic you both present has always been a great Nugget to this entire forum.

darn tests, wish my VA doc. could figure out who's on his appointment list, and for what problem!

All the best to both of you!


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Get well Jim.Maureen says she is looking forward to many more meteorite hunts with you this coming winter in Franconia and Gold basin. We also want to hunt a little bit of gold.

Harry and Maureen

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I only spent one outing together with Jim a few years back and recognized at once what a giant of a man he is in every category. We all have been fortunate to have been included in Jim's well considered thoughts whenever he posted on this forum. Now it is us who need to include Jim in our thoughts. Hang in there Jim. You are one of my heros.

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The richness of a mans life is often judged by the quality of his friends. Get better Paleface.......your a rich man!

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Hi Jim,

I hope your doc is translating from medicalese to English and treating you okay. We're counting on you getting better soon, as Erik and I have many unanswered questions about meteorites. We also feel at home with your smiling face in the camp, and need your advice on some things. You have unfinished business, so please get well soon.

Best Regards, Ben

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Talking with you the other day brought so many things that we have yet to discuss and keep everyone up all night. You know our love and prayers go out to you and the family.

I hope in August if your up to it, Sawmill and I will get over to see you for a weekend if you can put up with us. Denny summed up you and your lifestyle in a nut shell. A gem and jewel of a man that still has a lot to give the younguns. Get to healing so we can all make it to Oct's outing.


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Best wishes! Make a speedy recovery so you can get back to hunting meteorites and gold! Prayers go out to you and yours!


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