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Gold Master differences

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Guest bedrock bob

I dont know what the differences are, but I can vouch for the fact that there is no variable SAT button on the back of the GMII. Just a switch on the console to activate SAT. It makes the machine very sensitive and also makes perfect ground balance a must or things get "warbly" and noisy.

I realy love that machine. It was the first detector that I owned that was REALLY GOOD. It still is after...29 years!


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Hi Guys

The Vsat was basiccally the same as the GM2 except a variable SAT speed pot. SAT stands for Self Adjusting Threshold. Which is not a true auto ground balance or ground tracking but simple basic compensations it makes to maintain balance. Running in a slower sat speed will enhance depth and target response but also ground noises. On the early GM2s pre salt ground units we used to tape the toggle switch to the reset position which was a faster sat speed in an effort to avoid weeks of defness and excessive ear bleeding :Huh_anim]: . The Vsat has a pot nob that allows you to select the sat speed for maximum depth and elimination of ground noises. In lightly mineralized ground it can be used in the slower speeds for depth and in heavily mineralized ground faster sat speeds will eleviate excessive noise by compensating it's threashold quicker. I think ???????? I've found boat loads of nuggets with both of these great machines. They are reasonably simple to operate with respectable depth and I've found nuggets soooo small I could barely see em. One of my best was an 7 ouncer at about 16 inches deep. I still haven't found a whopper at real depth ( nothing over a foot or so) with my minelabs but I've sure dug deep trash and green turds in the 3 foot plus range !! Happy Huntin John B.

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