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Happy Birthday Dude!


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Happy Birthday and here is wishing you many more to come. Still am enjoying the trade we made.

Aloha and be safe out there.

Stan aka Kaimi

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Hey Frank, another year closer to moving to AZ. Since its your birthday, tell your boss you want to be Captan for the day! And get paid what he does. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Grubstake PS still looking for a big gold bar as a sovenier from you.

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Frank ... you have it all wrong ... it is there ... problem is now that you have joined the over the hill gang with the rest of us you'll wonder what the hell it's for. Don't ever forget that memory is merely the second thing to go. Once you hit sixty you keep scratching your head ... the upper one! :innocent0009: , come on now keep it clean ... wondering what the first thing was that goes! :laught16:

While your scratching have a Happy Birthday!

Mike F

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Mike, what's that boat your sitting in? I just took up ground hog fishing. You put a carrot and a big hook on a surfcasting set up. Cast it out in a field about 140 yds and wait for the ground hog to hit on it. You don't catch many but when you do you have a hell of a fight reeling him in.

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