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Gold Basin HOTTIES

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Spent the last 2 mornings :icon_mrgreen: at the basin picked up 1 space rock in all that time, MAN they're gettin tougher to come across. It was triple digits both days

The bed of my truck looked like a bee hive cause I was haulin water in containers, At 1 point I went to take a leak an one of them little bast@%&$ got into my fatigues somehow an I thought a scorpion crawled up my leg almost got me in the "coulyonnes" he stung up the inside of my thigh real good.

Ya shoulda seen this ol guy dancin around the basin pullin his pants off in the heat to try to slap a bee. :laught16: :laught16:

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Hi Frank,

For me, it's my morning coffee, for others, it's a brewski back at camp. Huntin' with a buzz on takes on a whole new meaning with you. Sorry, hope your next hunt is a real honey.


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