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Hi all, I have read every post since finding this forum. I have never really gone hunting for meteorites in any known strewn field, but being a rocklovers spouse for decades, the pretty colored, water polished rocks got old in a hurry. I always looked for those rocks that weren't like most others in the area. I would love to actually search for meteorites in a known strewn field, but doubt that I ever will have the opportunity. I have been fortunate enough to have gathered dozens of "meteormites and hundreds of meteorwrongs" over the years however. I have read all the info and veiwed all the images of meteorwrongs at Mr. Korotevs sight from UWSL. His comments about a person without his obvious skills has more of a chance of winning the lottery than finding a meteorite or a lunar meteorite, his specialty, posed a challenge to me, and I take it as an insult to myself and any other average Joe who is interested in rocks, cause meteorites are after all justs "rocks". I have tried to post here before, but can never get my pics to attach or my http location where I put them on the www to be accepted. I have pics of every moon and mars rock found on my own pc and have studied them up close and personal so I could at least try to be comparing apple to apples, so to speak.

I know about streak testing, FeO content for the magnetic attraction, etc. I have also tried to rule out terrestrial iron ore rocks. I hope that this one image will attach so you can see at least a handful of my pretty rocks. All are slightly to very attracted by magnetism. None leave a streak, and they certainly weren't like any other rocks in the area. The fusion crust part is iffy in most, but lunar and martian rocks are often lacking in that area. Hey wouldn't we all like to find the first moon rock in North America. Hears hoping I can get this one pic on your great forum. I have never met or talked to anyone on this forum, but I almost feel like I know some of you. I, too, said a prayer for Jim aka paleface, I wish him the best. He is undoubtedly a knowledgable, honorable man who loves meteorite

hunting, and is willing to share his knowledge to us all. Anyway, heres hoping I can attach this one pic.

Oh, by the way, I'm rockhead, from Texas, and all these rocks were found within a 30 to 50 mile radius from my home. post-1478-1247422715_thumb.jpg

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Sorry Rockhead but those look like several pieces of granite or some other metamorphic rock. Too much silica.

Keep picking up strange rocks! Happy Hunting


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Being from Texas you could try the newest strewnfield: West Texas aka Ash Creek. If this location is to far from you try using the MetBull to find a location closer to you. Here is the link MetBull

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