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Magnets and Control Boxes

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I just ordered one of Bill's super magnets and wanted to know how close is to close when it comes to the control box. It's my understanding there's micro processor inside (GP 3500) and I know what a magnet can do to a computer if it gets to close to some components.

As a newby I've considered a magnet on your pick a convenience not a necessity, HA! Spent all day yesterday digging tiny bits of decomposing iron :PO2:

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A Magnet will not effect your detector. Unless!

If it has a analog meter it will tweak it. The Meter.

There is nothing in your detector electronics that would be effected by a magnet.

If you waved the magnet around it could induce currents in places that could produce a response but just placing one on

the case or having one around would not hurt anything.

Even a Stupendous Supper Duper Pull God out of the Sky Magnet will not have a effect unless it was in motion.

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Based on Homefires post I did a very unscientific experiment. (no controls and a 6 pack)

Do you think an LCD screen can be affected by a strong magnetic force?

Will magnetism effect flash memory?

I used a usb flash drive an iPod Nano and a 2 super duper pull a rabbit out of a hat magnets.

After loading the drive with data and verifying it I sandwiched it between the 2 magnets and used a jumper usb cable to connect it to my computer.

The drive would not mount. Unplug and Remove the magnets. The drive mounted and all the data was readable.

Next an iPod nano(a flash based device with an LCD screen) that my nephew gave me.

With the unit playing I stuck a magnet to the back and front. It quit playing and went blank. Removing the magnet allowed the unit to restart and play.

At no time did I wave or rub the magnets or recite any incantations. Your results my vary.

Anyone willing to try it on there GPX? A strong magnetic field may block EMI or channel it. Kind of like opposite sonic waves canceling out each other. Known as destructive interference it takes

place when waves average out to zero.

This may be a question for the POZ forum.

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The USB drive can be thought of as an egg crate where in each compartment the egg is a magnet. This is not exactly correct but the closest I could think of for a visual. The sandwich of the super mags would change the ability of the computer to read the eggs.

Mythbusters show once that a degaussing magnet(big and strong) would not erase a credit card, only the government can do that.

I had some speakers near the tv and wondered why the colors in that conner were weird, the mags in the speakers were strong enough to effect the scan field on the TV. Magnets can do some strange things, but I think UFO's are what causing all the problems not finding GOLD. :laught16:


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LCD displays do in fact use magnetics to work.

I don't think you will permanently damage one with a magnet.

Do you think an LCD screen can be affected by a strong magnetic force? It seems Not!


Will magnetism effect flash memory? Flash Drives are impervious to magnets. A Micro drive can be wiped out.

I keep a magnet stuck on my key chain that has a flash dive on the key ring. I works every time I use it.

I did not sandwich it between two Pull a Rabbet out of the Hat type magnets.



I think the bottom line is your not going to kill your detector with any magnet your likely to subject it too.

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