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Gents, I have been coming across these rocks that are tan on the outside but red on the inside. They sound off as positive as gold when using the Falcon Detector. The darker the red color the stronger the signal. When I crushed them up, there was no gold to be found. (Found in AZ)

Any idea what kind of rock this is? Very frustrating. The red is almost a red brick color.


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OldSalt...Those are quite common in the Vulture Mountains...I don't know what they are but when I'm hunting in an area where there's a bunch of them, I mentally tune them out...They don't quite have the signature of a metal target, at least not on my ol' sd2100 ... Still they can be irritating a bit, but that just comes with the quest for the big yella...Cheers, Unc

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The photo is a bit Blurry on this end.

Is that Quartz I see?

If you powder one, hit it with a magnet.

Any thing?

Iron Oxides will not be attracted.

Some quartz monzonite have gold so fine you will not see it.

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Red rock could be Cinnabar? They are common in Oregon-/Sound just like a nugget on my GBII

Darn, I think your right. "Cinnabar" actually Mercury? I have been screwing around with this stuff crushing it up. Yikes!

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It's not cinnabar. Just doesn't look right as the color is too pale. If it's cinnabar- it will leave a scarlet streak on a piece of unglazed porcelain. I've come across some reddish colored basalt in the field just like yours which sounds off pretty good on a vlf or vhf detector and I think that's what you have. Also had a tan colored, weathered exterior....


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