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32.2 oz Nugget found at Moore Creek

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We had a short season at Moore Creek this summer due to the recession. But the finds were better than ever - over 86 ounces of gold was found by 28 people in a two week period. There were 12 people the first week and 16 people the next.

We have a "day off" between weeks, and so people who go for both weeks get a free day. Ken P from Alaska stayed for two weeks and got that free day, and it really paid off. With a 32.2 oz nugget found not 300 feet from the main camp! Other major finds were a 6.4 oz nugget, a 4.7 oz nugget, a 3.5 oz nugget, and three nuggets that weighed over 2 ounces.

Way to go Ken! Moore Creeks largest nugget and one of the largest ever found with a detector in Alaska.


Steve Herschbach

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Now that is one "day off" that paid in spades! :woohoo: Wow I can just imagine the stories that will be told over the campfires for a long time with this one. Nice job.


Stan aka Kaimi

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Here it is with a little more light....put it in your photo editor and get a closer

look..Steve how long is Ken going to stay...I know the only way he left was

kicking and scratching as you carried him out....


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:twocents: Sorry to hear about the short season Steve but :icon_mrgreen: WOW thats a bign' for sure !!! Ugly right now but with a little work it could shine bigtime. Well with all the touristas gone you got'r all to yourself :innocent0002: and I truly hope ya find a ton-John

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