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I was bored today so I decided to make a new bucket lid classifier. I made the first one over a year ago and it held up through the prospecting season and a whole fishing season as well. I use it not only to classify dirt but to keep my bait fish from escaping while I refill my bucket with water. I like it better than the store bought ones because it fits the bucket as intended with no interference to the handle and it doubles as a bucket lid. Also it's cheap. I used the leaktite brand of lids from ACE I don't use the super sealing locking lids because they are too hard to put on and take off and super sealing is not my purpose. Some small machine screws, washers and nuts along with the spring locking nut plate thingy(I don't know the name) as well as a drop of locktite worked well. Never had a loose nut and it held up until the plastic cracked from time fatigue. The screen is 1/4" hardware cloth. Unfortunately only available in whole rolls through my local ACE now. So I might make some more up.

The third picture is my supervisor making sure I don't hurt myself with any of the tools. :laught16:




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Since those buckets float, you could even toss it into the lake with the lid secured and tethered to shore as a makeshift live bait well. Works pretty well!

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