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That is a heck of a good question. I have heard lots of stories about gold

around St George and the Virgin River. Most of the gold I have heard about

around there is real fine. I have never prospected any in that area,but I am

curious too.

Maybe when it cools down I may have to check it out. :laught16: :laught16:

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I spent a little time panning down there and got a little color from one of the places I tried. I'd look at the head of inside bends, and just the top couple of inches. In those kinds of spots, thats where the gold concentrates. There are a number of spots in Utah that are similar. This same fine grained placer gold was also mined in a number of places along the Colorado, Green and San Juan rivers. There is kind of an art to mining these deposits which were known by the old timers as "skim bars"


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