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Greetings All,

Did anyone happen to catch last Sunday's ABC mini-movie called Impact?

I tuned in at about 40 minutes into it. A different twist to the two previous asteroid impact movies.

Anyway, I just switched channels while a commercial ran on the channel I was watching.

At this point in the movie, a scientist was standing in a 10 foot crater and about to pick up a meteorite about the size of a grapefruit. He couldn't move it. He asked his associate to get his rock hammer. The associate got the hammer out of the truck and the hammer flew to the magnetic meteorite. :laught16: This instantly grabbed my attention and I stayed with the movie.

The final 2 hours are to air tomorrow, this Sunday. Science fiction, but hey, at least it about a subject that we love.

Keep on a hunting,


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Yes, I did. The topic captured my attention as well. I believe they said the meteorite was a fragment of a brown dwarf that is super dense and highly magnetic. A larger chunk lodged itself into the moon making the moon like 300,000 times as dense. Pretty funny how expert scientist keeps correcting everyone who calls the chunk of rock a meteor .NO, it is a meteorite once it hits Earth. It's keeping me entertained.

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