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Field test #2 Advantage


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We were able to get both the 14 and 17" out today on some pinkish hotter mid high ground that we have hit hard in the past. I didn't try the 14 but my friends view was it ran just like the 17, just a smaller version. He ran his in shallower ground but, we think the outcome was about the same on both the 4000's.

Today we noticed a big difference with cross talk and interference. The area we went to has always plagued us with radio interference, causing us to auto tune every 20 min or so, running lower gain and living with the "chatter" in the back ground, but today everything was quiet and there were a few times I had to check and make sure I didn't accidentally turn my toggle to cancel, the coil ran nice and smooth, it was awesome!

Another noticeable difference with the Advantage is that the targets were crisp and clear. You know when you think you hear a target but aren't sure so you scrape a little, then scrape some more and so on? If there's something there you'll clearly hear it, pretty much takes the guess work out of it. I dug two small pieces of copper down to 8" that I clearly heard amongst trash that I never heard before with other coils which bring me to another great discovery. The coil was not influenced by far away metal trash (nails) as other coils. In other words I was able to worm the coil around the nails and pick out the better targets like the 4.19 gram nugget today that was masked by nails with other coils and I consider that great with a large coil. Where we detected I couldn't get within 4ft of a barbed wire fence with the 12x15, but with this coil, I could get within 2ft of it and found a nice button and a bunch of small boot tacks.

It was very difficult to use in tall dense grass since it is so light, but that's hard with any coil.

Since the coils ran quieter, less influenced by chatter and ran great in the hotter soil, I got away with running my gain two to three numbers higher, the pictures prove how sensitive these coils are, we never heard these targets in the past or we would have dug them.

These are great coils and I completely convinced that this has got to be the best coil I have ever used.

Pic #1 & #2 are of a small piece of nail at depth. Pic #3 & #4 another piece of nail at depth Pic #5 4.19 gram found today Pic #6 Nugget and button

post-21830-1246146435_thumb.jpg post-21830-1246146449_thumb.jpg post-21830-1246146506_thumb.jpg

post-21830-1246146519_thumb.jpg post-21830-1246146567_thumb.jpg post-21830-1246146586_thumb.jpg

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Hi good report :headphones: Question have you ever ran any other coils other than the comanders-like the old line of nugget finders--just wondering as that would be a better comparisan than the comander coils :hmmmmmm: I'm curious about just how much better they are compared to the old nugget finders :innocent0009: ---Thanks-Mike C... :ph34r2:

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Hello Mike and thanks

Yes, I have ran the older style of nugget finder coils, but that was a couple of years ago. I just compare them to the Commanders because that's what I personally used in the same area recently along with some CT's but I am sure that every brand of coil has ran over these targets including the older NF's.

As you are probably aware the Advantages have the new shielding and I think that's what's really working.

The 14" is a better all around coil I think, I just like larger coils and can get away with swinging them all day especially these lighter ones.

Litz wire, that's why I switched to the Commanders and the new NF's have it. Hopefully LuckyLndy chimes in here and tells us about his experience with Litz Wire since I just discussed this same topic with him just a few days ago.


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