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Need recommendations for Eastern US detector dealer


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Hello everyone,

I would like to hear commendations for any Minelab orientated Detector dealer from the Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana regions or further East. Anyone sell prospecting detectors there and NF or CT coils etc? Never seem to hear much about gold prospecting in the East, is there much there? I hear a bit about Georgia, but that's all! Any prospectors out there that want to sing their dealer's praises? A website link would be great! Thanx, Andy

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That is an odd request for someone in Australia...if you need a reputable, honest dealer you are on one's site as we type...there is some gold mining in the southeast, other types of mining all over the east and lots of great coin/relic hunting...

Finds Treasure Forums has many forums with links...

Best wishes


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Hi Fred,

thanks for the advice! I don't spend much time on Findmall anymore, I will check it out again! I really would like to hear from someone who has had positive dealings with a company in the East selling prospecting detectors, gold fossicking equipment etc. I may have some Oz-USA business for them. The more recommendations, the more comfortable I would feel!

Thanx, Andy

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