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What Pound pull for neo magnet on pole

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What would you suggest if one hunter was going to just use a magnet on pole?

Is there anywhere I can just buy a pole to screw/glue a magnet on?

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I use a 3/4 inch diameter cylinder by 2 inch long neodynium magnet that I packaging taped to the end of a 3/4 inch wood dowel (Home Depot) about 48 inches long, which is over kill. The site says 43 lbs pull force.

Don't get it near your GPS or Camera. Clifton

I think I got mine on ebay for $7;

heres a

Magnet site.


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Would a computer hard-disk magnet work? If one was to mount two of those magnets above a square or round 22 gauge metal plate (3'' x 3'') or (3 1/2 '' Dia.) and attach the plate to a stick would that work for finding meteorites?


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Just do what some of us "ex-golfers" do. I personally use a pitching wedge with a 100# pull neo magnet. And at the end of the day I can still take out my frustrations by whacking a couple of old balls into the wild blue yonder. :laught16:


Aloha and good luck,

Stan aka Kaimi

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