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What type of Meteorite?

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About 25 years ago my father found what he thought was a meteorite in our alleyway in Fort Worth, TX when he was mowing the grass.

I've recently become interested in finding out move information about and trying to verify if in fact it is an actual meteorite. Unfortunalty i do not have any pictures of it but i'll do my best to describe it until i can get over there again to take some pictures.

so far from the research i have done it matches several of the critiria for meteors. It's quite heavy, it's very magnetic. If fact it looks like a hunk of iron/nickel. but it hasn't oxidized much if at all even after being buried in the dirt for who knows how many years. one side of it is rounded while the other sides are fairly straight (like it broke off of a bigger piece). But if doesn't have a bubbly surface like many of the metal meteors i have seen others posting. Also it's quite big and heavy, somewhere around 60-70 pounds. Probably 8-9 inches long and maybe 6-7 inches high at it's tallest point.

But i have not been able to find any pictures from any meteorite site that looks like this one does. Does anyone possibly have some ideas of what it might be from my description??

Any information is much appreciated and i hope to be able to take a few pictures of it this weekend that i can post here.

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have you tried to file a small window into it and see what the inside looks like?

Not yet, was the next thing we were looking at. it's at my parents house and were not there that often.

but we had a neighbor for worked at a lab that tested it for us 10-12 years ago and he confirmed it was not from earth.

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