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4th of July weekend trip suggestions?

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Greetings Gentlemen,

I'd like to take a trip to central Arizona to do some prospecting. I have a GMT, drywasher and recir..... My wife and infant son will also be coming so I'm looking to go somewhere that's near a lake, I can legally prospect there (I'm a GPAA member...) and hopefully has some elevation. So I thought I'd ask the forum for suggestions?

Hey and if anyone is looking for a tag along for a day the 4th of July weekend let me know.

As always I am grateful for your advice


Edit: We'll be coming from southern AZ, Sierra Vista. I have not been to central AZ since I was a kid so I'm pretty unfamiliar with it. Hoping some of you Central dudes can help me out or I could join you while the wife and boy entertain themselves one day.

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Arizona in July? :tisc-tisc:

Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot! Did I Say Hot?

:tisc-tisc: Bring lots of shade making stuff and twice the water you think you would need.

Wish I could go! :whoopie:

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Hey there Frank. The mini-drywasher is great! I've caught a little bit with it and used it to rule out LOTS of spots. Thanks


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